Charley Boorman Log- Day 7

June 16, 2012

In which Charley explores the South African orange!

As the sun rises, we mount the bikes back to Kobus’s brother’s farm, where the trailer has been fixed. It will still need major work when we next get to a city, but at least we CAN now get to a city!

While we’re there, Kobus is good to his word and takes us on a tour of his farm. The process of watching the oranges get washed, sorted and packed is truly extraordinary and I’m surprised to learn that the European market has become so obsessed with appearances, that the smaller fruit is rejected for export in favour of the larger, less flavourful (but better looking) ones. The native South African market gets these less attractive oranges and arguably the best out of the situation!

Kobus then shows us his acres of orange bushes. I learn about the quirks of picking this delicate fruit but the highlight of the morning is undeniably getting to eat oranges straight off the branch. It’s a cliche, but you can’t get fresher than that and the results are stunning. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a shop bought orange that’s as delicious, sweet and juicy as the ones I had in that orange grove.

With a few bundles of free oranges and a ton of mutual goodwill, we reluctantly leave behind one of the nicest men we’ve ever met and hit the road up to Port Elizabeth, and our next adventure.