Charley Boorman Log- Day 31

July 13, 2012

IMG_8717 In which Charley and the team begin their Johannesburg adventure, check out fresh food markets, and watch the rugby.

After the glorious, empty expanse of the Kruger arriving in Johannesburg is a bit of a shock. This busy, vibrant, modern city presents us with a whole spectrum of choices. We won’t be meeting any wild animals or jumping off any cliffs here, but Joburg has it’s own set of frontiers.

Today, food expert Ross Douglas is taking me to see the culinary highlights of the city. Dapper, polite and passionate about his home, the first place he takes me to is the Neighbourgoods Market. Occupying the site of a multi-story car park in the heart of the city, this market is full of gormet food stalls making fresh meals and serving exotic drinks. It’s got a really young, trendy feel (reenforced by a section dedicated to fashion stalls) but it’s backed up by solid food and a great atmosphere.

After a flying visit to a branch of the small Bean There chain to check out their huge brass grinder (Africa does great coffee), we’re off to see the home Rugby team, the Lions, take on their rivals to avoid relegation. The Lions are having a tough time of it and the stadium was far from full, but I had a great time chatting with the locals and fans there.

We’ve only had one day in Joburg and we’ve already crammed so much in. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

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