Charley Boorman Log- Day 19

June 27, 2012

In which Charley arrives at the magnificent Drakensberg Mountains. Durban

With the bikes serviced and the crew rested, we’re preparing to leave Durban and head out into the beautiful South African countryside, when an old trouble trips us up again.

It’s the trailer. Not content with having a wheel fall off and the resulting damage (which we’re proud to say we’ve managed to pretty much repair), the third wheel that allows is to hitch the trailer to the back of the Nissan has starred to play up and we’re going to have trouble with it until we can get it replaced.

Poor Gary, the support driver who’s had to deal with the trailer’s troubles from the start seems particularly heartbroken. Just as he thought he’d got the thing fixed once and for all, THIS happens! Still, if this there’s any bad luck following this trip, I’m glad it seems to only be focusing on the trailer.

We finally leave Durban and head to the Drakensberg Mountains. From Moorcroft Manor, where we bed down for the night, we watch the setting sun blaze on the mountains that loom over us from the horizon.
Tomorrow, we’ll be attempting the Sani Pass, but the snowcaps above us look ominous…