Charley Boorman Log- Day 12

June 21, 2012

In which Charley visits sulphur pools and enjoys the company of backpackers. Sulphur

Bidding a fond farewell to Debbie and Rob, we set off for Durban. On the way out of Port St. Johns, their friend Lou shows us a local spot where sulphur rising from the ground has made the area a natural spar.

The whitish-yellow mud and hot gases rising from the ground are reputed to be good for the skin. Most interesting of all, though are the yellowish waters which are renowned for their alleged healing properties.

The water are scooped up from from the ground through a hole in the rock, worn smooth by the thousands of arms that have reached down through it. Say what you like about it’s healing properties, what I can tell you is that it tastes vile.

Still, once I spat it out I did suddenly feel a lot better.

IMG_3718Another journey of roadworks, chaotic, dirty, lively small towns and breathtaking views later, we pull into Umzumbe and The Mantis and Moon backpackers, a fantastically quirky place full of character, with huts and tepees connected by raised wooden paths through the undergrowth.

It has several dogs, one cat and an owner called Andy. He wants to take me surfing on Umzumbe Beach tomorrow. Let’s see if any of what Cass Collier taught me has stuck…