Charley Boorman Log- Day 11

June 20, 2012

In which Charley tackles the infamous Sardine Run. IMG_2716

The Sardine Run – A mass migration of trillions of sardines passes this part of the South African coast during the winter months. We’re told we may little bit early in the year to see it but the lovely Debbie and Rob of Offshore Africa are taking us out to see if we can catch an early glimpse.

The sardine run is one of nature’s great spectacles and if you’ve seen a nature program on TV, then you’ve probably seen the Run – although you might not know it. The sardines are one of the biggest food sources in the ocean and they attract thousands of dolphins, birds, sharks and even whales!

Offshore AfricaSeparately, our boat was visited twice by sights you only dream you’ll see one day. Firstly, a massive Humpback Whale repeatedly breached near our boat and secondly – and perhaps most amazingly – pods of over a thousand Common and Bottle-nose Dolphins and their young swam past. The group split around us on the way to hunt their sardines, but several individuals swam in the wake of our engines and many came close enough to our hull to touch.

Our original plan was to scuba dive with the sardines and witness the excitement of the feed – and the wildlife involved – at close range. Truth be told, we were indeed too early for the kind of mass frenzy you can see a few weeks later into the year. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a magical day.