Charley Boorman Log- Day 40

July 26, 2012

In which Charley continues to explore the Kgalagadi.

After a cold nighIMG_0812t made better by the lodge kindly supplying a hot water bottle, two of the of the local Bushmen guides took us out into the to track lions. Not that any of us were armed with anything other than a big stick, or course. We were out looking for tracks and learning how to find the animals, although quite what we’d have done if we had found one, I don’t really know.

So after an uneventful but interesting morning (which was probably actually lucky for us)we try a different approach. By trying to find the team that’s out repairing the reserve’s fences, we may kill to birds with one stone. The lions use the electrified fences to trap their prey and make an easy kill – in response, the bigger animals such as Elands have learned to jump these six-foot fences, although they rarely clear it neatly.

As we follow the fence our sharp eyed guides spot two lions on the ridge overlooking it, guarding a fresh-looking kill. We think it’s an Eland, but there’s not much of it left. As we step out of the vehicle, the lions move wearily away and now we have a choice. Do we risk getting close to have a look at the kill knowing full well the lions may still be nearby, or do we simply walk away and have a quiet, pleasant afternoon at the lodge?

Well, what would you do… ?

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