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Explore the timeless beauty of the English countryside in a thoroughly modern way.

The English countryside is many things; beautiful, serene, varied and often seems to exist in a timeless limbo where nothing has changed significantly for centuries. The one aspect of uniformity though are the verdant hues of what William Blake described as this ‘green and pleasant land’. The image is evocative as shown by the poem’s adaption into an unofficial anthem, Jerusalem, and the pictures of the lush countryside which were used during the World Wars as calls to arms, reminding citizens ‘what they were fighting for’.

What better way to explore this paradise of green than in, arguably, one of the world’s greenest cars – the Nissan Leaf. Not only is there the joy of the quiet enhanced by the lack of engine noise, but, of course, it is cars like this that could help preserve the countryside from the risks of global warming.

At Big Earth we think it is a responsibility of every adventurer to make sure they leave as little mark on the envirnonment as possible, and it is one reason we are so passionate about eco-adventures and responsible tourism.

This adventure is the perfect mix of the opportunity for exploration on your own back yard, the chance to experience the forefront of electric cars, and an opportunity to have a great adventure without leaving a mark on the environment.

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