Volunteering in Rajasthan

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Fact File:
Duration: 4 weeks
Price: 2,772 GBP




Work in a local deprived primary school, teaching English, IT skills and lesson planning.

This volunteering project is just a little bit different. You will be exposed to the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan in North West India, by staying in a former (and pretty luxurious) palace in the town of Deogarh. During the day you will be working in a local deprived primary school, teaching English, IT skills and lesson planning. Chitardai primary school is located in the town of Deogarh, in Rajastahn, North West India. Known to many travellers as a culturally rich and diverse region, with a plethora of forts and palaces to visit, there is also a lot of deprivation in the rural areas, with 20% of children receiving no formal education and just 60% literacy rates.

Supported by the owners of the hotel where you will be staying, the school provides for 160 children aged between 6 – 14. All of these students come from families who live below the poverty line. The school has basic facilities; there are 4 teachers, few books and not enough chairs to sit all of the children during lessons. However, the ethos and mentality of the school and its staff are visionary for this part of the world. Students are treated equally regardless of gender or social background and the teaching emphasis is on learning through play.

As a volunteer, you will be helping the school and teachers work on their teaching practices. The school only has one computer, so you may find yourself helping the staff getting used to working with a computer and giving the principal some basic IT training. You may well also find yourself teaching English and helping out with lesson planning. The main area you will be helping out with, however, will be with creative play. Te emphasis is on allowing the children to learn through play and giving them plenty of encouragement to do so.

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