Trek to Makalu Base Camp and Glacier Camp

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Tackle a monster of a mountain in this two-week trek.

Mt Everest is the most famous of the Himalayan peaks for a very good reason, it the highest mountain in the world. The benefits of attempting this challenge are clear, a widely recognised and amazing adventure. However, with this fame comes an increase in the number of tourists attempting the journey. This can get annoying. For this reason we recommend attempting the trek to Makalu base camp. It may be smaller than Everest but this is a huge mountain, and its more illustrious neighbour takes most of the crowds away from this one leaving the few who come here to enjoy the peace.

We may be discussing this as if it’s a small mountain, it’s not, it’s still the fifth biggest mountain in the world, and rises spectacularly as a perfect pyramidal peak with four sharp ridges. This gives it a unique beauty. However, it is not just the spectacle of the mountain itself which draws people to this trek. From slightly further away you get magnificent views of Everest itself. Often when tackling it you can’t see the greater picture, but step back and take in the view of the biggest mountain in the world. It’s a humbling experience as you realise the power of nature, and how tiny man is in comparison.

This trek takes you through amazing untouched vistas, sweeping lowlands and misty pine forests as you make your way towards the mountain and glacier.

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