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The ultimate high-pass trekking route, you won’t experience anything as good as this.

The Great Himalaya Trail is quite possibly the ultimate trekking route in the world for those who love high difficulty, high altitude trekking. At a staggering 4500km the trail is a never-ending supply of great mountain paths. As the trail meanders through the mountains from Namche Barwa in Tibet to Nanga Parbat in Pakistan trekkers will cross a phenomenal 20 5000m mountain passes. This really is an epic adventure.

The trail, of which the Nepal section alone offers between 152 and 165 days unbroken brilliant trekking, is a monster trek. We recommend the Nepal section of the trek as the most exciting and reasonably possible part of the journey and this section runs between Kanchenjunga on the eastern border and Humla on the western edge. This route incorporates some of Nepal’s greatest mountain treks as well as some of the most remote to create a totally amazing adventure.

The logistics of the trek are reasonably easy to organise. Food and supplies can be gathered on the way. Accommodation is either camping, or lodges where found along the way. The major challenges are the sheer physical stamina to keep going and the mental strength to want to carry on day after day. If you have both of those then prepare for the most amazing trek of your life.

The Blue Space can organise all aspects of this adventure.

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