Track Climate Change at the Arctic’s End

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Fact File:
Duration: 11 days
Cost: $3,495 USD




Help to combat climate change in the Arctic


This is a very interesting expedition, and very important to the travel industry. We all love to travel, but as we are continually told the world is descending down a rather dark path- leading to climate change, the damage of eco systems and the loss of complete species. So what better way is there for a traveller to protect the thing they love, than volunteering at a climate change base?

On this ecological adventure volunteers study climate change at sites ranging from tundra to alpine forests, and monitoring changes that affect the gases stored in these peat-rich ecosystems. The expedition is split up into two teams, set apart by season, and investigate the circumstances with ground-penetrating radar, microclimate dataloggers and soil coring to measure the organic carbon levels. Excitingly you will also get the chance to trap small mammals (in a humane and brief way), and to evaluate growth rings in trees and shrubs.

Best of all, if you go on this once in a lifetime trip in February you will travel by gamutik (sled), towed by snowmobiles, be able to investigate ice crystals, measure snow thickness, and even build an igloo to spend the night in.

For more information on this adventure and others please visit Earthwatch . All meals and accommodation will be covered by Earthwatch. This adventure is currently priced at £1,823 for a 10 day trip, although that is the minimum contribution. The next adventure takes place in September of this year.

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