Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Festival

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Visit Japan during the world famous Cherry Blossom Festival

Part of any amazing adventure is learning about the culture of the country you are visiting, and there are few better ways to get a feel for a country than through their festivals and there are no festivals bigger and more important to Japan than the Cherry Blossom Festival which takes over Japan every spring.

As well as being hugely symbolic in Japanese culture, the blossoms represent clouds and therefore death and the sadness of the passing and an acceptance of impermanence, but they also put on a beautiful show as the amazing pink blossoms burst out across Japanese cities.

As well as the amazing blooms the festivals see an outpouring of national pride and so displays of traditional Japanese performing arts pop up across the country linked to the festivals.

We recommend stopping by the tea ceremonies that are held in the shade of the cherry trees as one of the best ways to experience the festival, it is how the locals chose to experience it, and we think the likelihood is that they know best.

This is the perfect adventure for anyone who is a lover of beautiful blossoms and amazing culture.

For more information on this cultural adventure visit Japan Deluxe Tour.

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