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Mud, mud glorious mud….


Who doesn’t love getting all dirty? Hmm, maybe I’ll rephrase the question. Moving swiftly on to this amazing competition of choice the Mud Olympics or Tideland Olympics as they are otherwise known.

The competition and the Wattstock Festival that precedes it take place in Brunsbuttel, Germany- a small town- which is entirely overridden with mud seekers during the proceeds of the festival. And why not? It reminds us at Big Earth of a kind of grown up PGL camp, (the camps us Brits are sent to in Wales when we’re youngsters to be active and generally roll around in mud for a week.)

This festival actually originated because EV wanted to incorporate some fun into cancer treatment in Germany, and the festivals have made enough money to provide two counselling centres for cancer victims on the west coast of Germany and further consultation and information for cancer patients, family members, and doctors. In recent years 120,000 euros has been raised towards cancer causes in Germany. The concept for raising money is simple and effective: All organizers and volunteers do voluntary work, and music groups waive the usual fee and all expenses incurred that would otherwise be fully covered by sponsors.

So on to more information on the festivals themselves- well on Saturday 23rd July this year the Wattstock Musical Festival takes place with bands playing from 3pm-12am. On Sunday 24th July the Tideland Olympics take place from 10am-6pm. Mud events taking place this year include mud sledding, football, handball, and Walli Ball, amongst many others.

Go on take part; you don’t know what you’re missing! Tickets only cost 10 Euros so it’s not a bank breaker.

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