Swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco

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Take on the swim once thought to be impossible..

Alcatraz, the Rock, holds a mystical place among most of us, the combination of its place in films and the theory that it was inescapable give it a powerful imagery. The main reason the prison was deemed impossible to escape was the coldness of the water and the strong currents which they believed would surely kill any escapees before they reached the mainland and San Francisco. However, now swimmers gather yearly to attempt this arduous swim.

Starting from the island, the swim takes swimmers 1.5 miles to the Presidio Park in San Francisco. It may not be the longest swim in the world, but with waters which are uncomfortably cold and a current which flows west at about 3 mph it is definitely an epic adventure and a hugely challenging one too.

The swim will see you follow in the possible footsteps of Clint Eastwood who featured in the film, Escape from Alcatraz, a fictionalised account of the one escape attempt which may have been successful. We say ‘may’ because although no bodies were found there is no guarantee they reached San Francisco rather than being dragged off into the Pacific.

Once you’ve achieved this swim you will also know you only need do it 99 more times to be accepted into the Alcataz100 club, a club for those that have achieved the supposedly impossible swim more than 100 times.

To organise this adventure visit Swim Trek or  visit Tri-California.com for more details.

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