Suguta Valley Crossing

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Are you tough enough to trek through this harsh desert?

Africa is known for it’s inhospitable environments, and the Suguta Valley ranks as pretty harsh even on these tough criteria. We think this is one of the most demanding treks we have come across. Traversing hugely empty country this trek does have a great treat for you once you’ve overcome the challenge.

The Suguta Valley is reckoned to be one of the hottest palces on earth. In the middle of the valley temperatures can reach an eye-watering and energy-sapping 60 degrees. Walking in this heat is a real challenge even for the most experienced trekkers, the amount of water alone needed is phenomenal. It is easy to think that in this extreme terrain there will be no wildlife, but, along the edges of the Suguta River there are huge populations of flamingos. These amazing birds perch here, thriving in an area where no other animal is able to survive. It is a graphic illustration of how well animals are adapted to their habitat that these birds thrive in this area, despite its obvous harshness.

Once you’ve battled through the debilitating middle section of the trek, you will be glad to hear that respite is found from the heat. As you ascend from the valley onto the Loriu plateau the temperature drops and after a two-day trek you find youself in Lokori, a small Turkana outpost. Never has civilisation looked so comforting.

Wandering Nomads is your first port of call for this trek.

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