Star-trekking in the Elqui Valley

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Fact File:
Duration: Customised.
Price: £80 GBP per night.




This is an adventure for all the Star Trekkers amongst us.

Not all adventures need be confined to this planet, don’t worry, we’re not talking about spaceflight, well not yet anyway, someday maybe. We’re talking about taking a tour of the stars in one of the destinations most suited to stargazing – the Elqui Valley.

Renowned among astronomers as being one of the best locations for telescope placement, the European Union is in the process of building an observatory here, the experience is being opened up to the enthusiastic amateur. Not only can you visit the huge observatories, unusually many of the telescopes welcome visitors at certain times, even the hotels are geared up for watching stars.

While visiting the observatories you can get your hands on some of the less valuable telescopes and shown around the stars with the aid of the state-of-the-art GPS controlled telescope to zoom in on stars hundreds of light years away. This is certainly the most distant bit of exploring you’re ever likely to do.

We recommend the Elqui Domos hotel to stay in; you can lay back in bed and watch the stars through the detachable roof. It’s one of the most incredible and romantic experiences we can imagine.

Visit Tourism Chile ( for more information and Elqui Domos for accommodation.

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