Self-guided Sea Kayaking in Bohuslän

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Discover the beauty of the western archipelago on a self-guided sea kayaking tour.

At Big Earth we think part of a great adventure is the opportunity to guide yourself, not following in everyone else’s footsteps and having a great and unique adventure.

Sea-kayaking is a great way to achieve this, with the gentle slap of water and the cries of seabirds the only company you have it is difficult not to fall in love with this way of travelling. As the archipelago stretches out in front of you the hypnotic landscape and remote granite islands floating on a blue sea you will feel as if the world is your oyster. It really does feel like paradise.

The Bohuslän archipelago is a beautiful lanscape dotted with small fishing villages. The archipelago is made up of thousands of islands and forms part of the Gothenburg archipelago, Sweden’s second largest archipelago. Sweden’s west coast is a world-class location for sea kayaking, attracting paddlers from far and wide with its dramatic rock formations of gneiss and Bohuslän granite.

With just a kayak and a map this is the perfect experience of self-guided travel. You carry what you need with you and camp where you want, it is an experience to be taken at your own pace and enjoyed as you want to. Played this way it is an epic adventure.

Visit Nature Travels to organise this adventure.

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