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Sea-kayak Norway’s coastline, pop into local fishing villages to buy local ingredients, and trek from the fjords to the high peaks of Scandanavia.

With remote Arctic coastlines and lush tundra, Scandinavia beckons. From the rugged islands, to fjords, to the limestone caves to forested valleys and high glaciated peaks, the unique Scandinavian wilderness provides ample opportunity for adventure and exploration. One of the best ways to explore this land is by sea kayaking its coast and backpacking its wilderness with NOLS, the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Lying along the same latitudes as Siberia, Greenland, and Alaska, Arctic Scandinavia will provide long summer days of midnight sun as you learn technical sea kayaking or backpacking skills needed for an expedition anywhere in the world.

The Kingdom of Norway is the westernmost country of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Europe, and the surrounding Norwegian Sea is rich in marine life, abundant with cod, herring, and halibut, and home to the largest deepwater coral reef in the world. The remote paddling and amazing topography make this adventure work seeking out on its own, but an as an added bonus, you will have a chance to mingle with local fishing communities as you pop into their remote villages sprinkled along the rugged shores to purchase fresh food.

Your trekking will start in Norway at fjord level and move to higher elevations that are remarkably unspoiled. A mix of rolling hills and snow-covered peaks punctuated by glaciers, this area has been home to the indigenous Sami peoples for over two thousand years.

Whether you are on a boat or on foot, you will leave the area with a far greater understanding of the culture and geography of this amazing landscape.

We recommend NOLS  for anyone wishing to attempt this adventure, as they will also teach a number of other aspects of wilderness living.

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