Sandboarding amongst the dunes.

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Enjoy a new sport that is becoming more and more popular.


Sandboarding is definitely taking off in terms of popularity in Chile’s central and northern regions, especially because they offer large dunes with perfectly compacted sand and gorgeous scenery. And you know the best part? Not many people know about sandboarding so you’ll be able to avoid tourists!

One of the country’s favourite places to practise the sport is Valle de la Muerte, located 2km from San Pedro de Atacama, mainly we’d guess, because local agencies will provide you with sandboards, guides and transportation to help you out! The slopes are also amazing, allowing you to reach high speeds and offering the beautiful Atacama Desert sights at sundown- and you already know how much we love the Atacama!
You can even surf the sands by twilight.

Another possible designation is Cerro Dragon in Iquique, which is full of soft hills, perfectly strong winds and a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. If you venture further inland you’ll be able to find the solitary dunes of the Quebrada de Quisma, again very good sandboarding territory, with the added bonus of the pretty little town of Pica, where you can soothe your sand burns in hot springs.

One more awesome destination before we leave you to it: Medanso, near Copiapo. At 1,600 metres, it’s the tallest dune in Chile and part of the Argentina-Chile Dakar Rally. In the evening it turns a deep orange and during the winter, it is covered in snow.

So that’s it. There are even more destinations for sandboarding, including Punta de Choros, Mantagua, Bosquemar and Bahia Navidad. Check them all out, and look up the Chilean Tourist Board for more information.

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