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Maggot infested cheese- how can you resist?

Another day at Big Earth. Another terrifying foodie challenge.

This Sardinian cheese is a cheese with a real difference; it’s riddled with insect larvae. In fact it’s name ‘Casu Marzu’ means ‘rotten cheese’, and the most common name used for the scintillating food is ‘maggot cheese.’ Yummy. The cheese is actually banned now, excitingly, but can be available on the black market in Sardinia and Italy.

The cheese, a derivative of Pecornio, is made with sheep’s milk and has the larvae of the cheese fly, Piophila casei, living in it. Fermenation occurs as the larvae digests the cheese fat, and the texture becomes very soft with some liquid seeping out. Luckily for us, the cheese needs to be eaten when the maggots are still alive, because afterwards it is considered toxic. More protein I guess.

One more exciting note, the larvae can jump if they are disturbed, so diners have to shield their eyes or place the cheese in a sealed paper bag until the maggots are starved of oxygen and die. Unfortunately some health issues have arisen in relation to Casu Marzu, including reports of allergic reactions and the danger of consuming cheese that has advanced to a toxic state. Warning: There is some risk of intestinal larval infection.

We’re not going to be able to help you with finding this on the black market- we don’t want to get into trouble. But rest assured you can still find this, if you look hard enough. For more information look up Wikipedia.

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