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The world’s ultimate beer festival – need we say more?

When it comes to festivals none are quite as famous or as much fun as Munich’s Oktoberfest. The world’s largest festival, more than 5 million people attend each year, it is an enormous part of Bavarian culture.

People from around the world gather to eat, drink and be merry. Pick youself up a stein in the beer tents and settle in for a long drinking session. Drink from dawn to dusk, if you can, and grab traditional Bavarian food to absorb the beer. Wurstl (sausages), schweinebraten (roast pork) and hendl (chicken) all grace the beer tents offering a break from the beer.

The festival, which obviously takes place in October, is now 200 years old, and it has become a huge part of not just Bavaria but Germany’s cultural identity. It is Oktoberfest’s influence that is the reason for the stereotyping of Germans as lederhosen wearing beer drinkers. So, if beer is your tipple of choice, we can’t think of anywhere better for you than Oktoberfest.

Settle in Munich and get ready for the party of your life. Drink, eat and sing the days away in a non-stop adventure.

To organise your Oktoberfest adventure visit PP Travel.

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