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Discover the amazing all American food of New England…

New England’s accessibility makes it the perfect destination for driving tours. The options are endless, all that matters is that you have an idea of what you want to see. After all, the best part of driving yourself is the freedom to go where you want. There are numerous options. We recommend either going in autumn for the famously fabulous fall foliage or at any time for a food tour of New England.

The food of New England is an all American feast of flavours; blueberries, cranberries, lobster and clams play a huge part in the cuisine, most famously of course in the clam chowder which is so intrinsically linked to this part of the states. The major landmarks are easily accessible and can be driven between with ease.

We recommend exploring the area by combining the tour with the multitude of food festivals that spring up annually. The have some amazing food and are an excellent excuse for a party and with the number of microbreweries in the area it’s likely to be a pretty great party.

The area’s biggest culinary export is no doubt the hamburger, the ultimate in American food was created in the shadows of the great Yale University, not we’re not implying it’s the university’s greatest gift to the world, it’s produced some great men, but it’s close!

For details of this food adventure, visit Discover New England.

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