Nairobi to Istanbul

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Fact File:

Duration: 101 days
Cost: 6,155 GBP




Marvel at the flamingo-filled expanse of Lake Nakuru, Spot the Big Five in the Samburu National Reserve, Meet the tribespeople of the remote Omo Valley, Appreciate the monolithic churches of Lalibela, See the ornate palaces of Gonder, Cross Lake Nasser by ferry,

Ride a donkey to the Valley of the Kings, Peruse golden treasures in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, Relax on the beautiful beaches of Dahab, Discover the ‘lost city’ of Petra, Float effortlessly in the Dead Sea, Snare a bargain in Aleppo’s vibrant souq, Delve into history in ancient Troy, Pay respects to fallen soldiers at Lone Pine, Be impressed by Istanbul’s beautiful buildings.

Day 1 Nairobi
Start the adventure in the hum of urban Nairobi.

Day 2 Lake Naivasha
Relax by the lake and watch hippos wallowing on the shore.

Days 3-4 Lake Nakuru
Be on the lookout for rhinos and other iconic wildlife feeding around the shores of the flamingo-filled lake.

Day 5 Mt Kenya
Spend time exploring the slopes of Mt Kenya.

Days 6-7 Samburu National Reserve
Try to spot the Big Five in the reserve. Learn about tribal life from the locals and watch traditional Samburu dancing.

Days 8-9 Marsabit/ Moyale
Traverse a surreal, black lunar landscape and pass spectacular craters and termite mounds on the drive to Ethiopia.

Days 10-11 Konso
Pick up a souvenir at the local market and perhaps take a tour of traditional houses.

Days 12-15 Omo Valley
The colourful markets and villages are a delight to explore in this picturesque valley. Meet friendly tribespeople and learn about their fascinating culture.

Days 16-17 Arba Minch
In free time, why not embark on a boat trip or visit a crocodile farm?

Days 18-19 Shashemene
Learn about the Rasta lifestyle and philosophy at a Rastafarian community school and museum.

Days 20-22 Bale Mountains National Park
Venture out on game-spotting expeditions in this stunningly diverse park.

Day 23 Lake Abiata-Shala National Park
Soak in hot springs surrounded by the twitter of birdlife.

Days 24-25 Addis Ababa
Use free time in Ethiopia’s capital visiting markets and museums.

Day 26 Dejen
Visit the Blue Nile Gorge en route to Dejen.

Days 27-29 Bahir Dar
Walk around the spectacular Blue Nile Falls before boarding a reed boat bound for the isolated monasteries on Lake Tana’s islands.

Days 30-32 Lalibela
Hidden among the hills of northern Ethiopia, Lalibela is home to monolithic churches hewn from the surrounding rocks. Take a walk through the structures with a local guide to unlock the fascinating history of this area.

Days 33-34 Mekele
Wander through churches sculpted into cliff faces in Tigray.

Days 35-36 Aksum
Get acquainted with this once-mighty city and discover its towering ancient obelisks, crumbling palaces and web of underground tombs.

Days 37-41 Simien Mountains National Park
These stunning mountains are home to a wealth of animals. Hike through the rugged terrain, passing eroded volcanic cores, raging rivers and jagged peaks.

Days 42-44 Gonder
Discover this cosmopolitan city of elaborate castles, churches and palaces.

Days 45-47 Khartoum
Brush up on your Arabic with the friendly residents of Khartoum in Sudan. Be sure to watch the famous Sufi Whirling Dervishes dance themselves into religious ecstasy.

Days 48-49 Meroe
Marvel at the spectacular Kushite temples at Meroe, the most impressive and well-preserved in Nubia. Explore unique sites including the Lion Temple at Naga and the palace at Musawwarat es-Sufra.

Days 50-53 Nubian Desert
Follow a traditional camel route through some of Africa’s most unforgiving terrain. Experience the magical solitude of camping among the dunes and perhaps offer passing nomads a meal in accordance with desert hospitality. Cross the Nile by boat and admire the remote, ruined Temple of Sulb.

Days 54-55 Wadi Halfa
Drive to Wadi Halfa then admire the spectacular desert landscape on a ferry adventure across Lake Nasser.

Days 56-59 Aswan
A stroll beside the Nile is the perfect way to appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of this picturesque town. Visit an unfinished obelisk, take a felucca ride or venture into the atmospheric souq to snare a bargain.

Days 60-62 Luxor
Be overwhelmed by Luxor’s ancient treasures including the spectacular Temples of Karnak. Ride donkeys into the eerie Valley of the Kings and explore the famous tombs of pharaohs, which boast wonderfully preserved paintings.

Days 63-68 Western Desert Oasis Route
Explore the White and Black deserts, see the amazing Crystal Mountain and relax in lush oases that offer respite from the desert heat.

Days 69-72 Cairo
Soak up the rich history of captivating Cairo. Be amazed by the priceless artefacts in the Egyptian Museum, including the dazzling treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Gaze in awe at the legendary Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza and explore the sprawling Saqqara cemetery. The city’s unique fusion between ancient and modern offers something for everyone and is sure to impress.

Day 73 Mt Sinai
Located at the base of Mt Sinai, St Katherine’s Monastery is fabled to hold an offshoot of the biblical Burning Bush. Perhaps climb to the summit of Mt Sinai and camp overnight to catch a spectacular sunrise.

Days 74-76 Dahab
Rejuvenate in the balmy waters of the Red Sea, perhaps taking the opportunity to go snorkelling or scuba diving.

Day 77 Wadi Rum
Famously associated with Lawrence of Arabia, Wadi Rum offers breathtaking desert scenery.

Days 78-79 Petra
Tour the desert in a jeep, then visit the extraordinary ‘lost city’ of Petra and admire the monumental buildings carved out of the sheer rock face.

Day 80 Dead Sea/ Mt Nebo
Float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea and see iconic Mt Nebo.

Day 81 Jerash
Stroll the colonnaded streets of ancient Jerash.

Days 82-84 Damascus
Stop to appreciate Bosra’s magnificent amphitheatre, then journey to Damascus to admire the mosques, palaces and museums in this modern city with an ancient heart.

Days 85-86 Beirut
From its modern bar-scene to the colonial architecture prevalent in the downtown area, Beirut is a city of contradictions.

Day 87 Krak de Chaveliers
Enjoy the views from the top of this well-preserved ancient castle.

Day 88 Palmyra
A powerful city in the time of the Roman Empire, Palmyra is a wonderful archaeological site to explore.

Day 89 Aleppo
Revel in the lively atmosphere of Aleppo’s souq.

Day 90 Bush Camp
Cross the border into Turkey and enjoy a night camping in the bush.

Days 91-92 Goreme
Be enchanted by remarkable underground cities and fairy chimneys carved out of soft volcanic rock.

Day 93 Termessos
Perched on a dramatic precipice of the Toros Mountains, the extraordinary ruins of Termessos are breathtaking to behold.

Days 94-95 Fethiye
Catch some rays on stunning beaches or hike through beautiful hillside olive groves.

Days 96-97 Selcuk
Uncover the majestic ruins of Ephesus and perhaps soak in the hot springs at Pamukkale.

Days 98-99 Gallipoli Peninsula
Delve into history’s secrets on a visit to the legendary city of Troy, then continue to Gallipoli. The stark memorial at Lone Pine is a moving reminder of the many fallen Anzacs.

Days 100-101 Istanbul
Istanbul is bursting with interesting sights to explore. Visit the mesmerising Blue Mosque or wander the massive Grand Bazaar. Choose to celebrate the end of this amazing journey by feasting on Turkish cuisine in one of the cafes and restaurants in this buzzing city.

We’re sorry, there are no scheduled departures for this trip at this time. For more information visit Intrepid Travel at the link below.

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