Mount Nyiru Hike

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Tackle this mountainous adventure in Kenya.

Most of us wish we had a couple of months to drop everything and go exploring. Two months filled with adventure, emptied of all our worries, but in reality very few of us do, and for that reason it is great when we can fly off and have a great adventure all in the space of a week or less.

This is the greatest advantage of this trek, it is in many ways a short dash up and over Mount Nyiru, and in a very short space of time you will be able to see rainforest, the mountain plateau as well as visit the setlements of the local Samburu tribe.

Starting with a climb up the steep eastern spurs of the mountain, the vegetation gets denser as you climn intil it eventually turns into a fully-fledged rainforest, accompanied by all the joys that they bring. The flora and fauna is incredible, monkeys rush between trees and it provides a welcome repsite from the heat.

The belt of rainforest soon gives way to pasture land as you break out of the trees and onto the mountain plateau. A plateau that is vital to the way of life of the samburu tribesmen. The final ascent to the main peak is amply rewarded by views fown to the scrubland below and even the enormous Lake Turkana to the north.

You can then start the descent down the western flank of the mountain safe in the knowledge that you’ve had an amazing whistletsop adventure

Wandering Nomads can help with all aspects of you trek.

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