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Explore the wilderness of Mongolia by Furgon truck.

Mongolia is a country forever linked with remoteness and difference in our minds; Outer Mongolia has entered common parlance as a synonym for total seclusion and if you explore Mongolia by furgon truck you will see the image is not far from the truth.

One of the reasons for Mongolia’s remoteness is its tradition as home of various nomadic people who drive their herds across the area’s vast grassland steppes. The most famous son of this region is of course Genghis Khan. Mongolia is not an easy to country to travel through due to the simple combination of vast area and minute number of roads. The country is six times bigger than the UK, but has 1% of the road network; you will spend most of your time outside the capital simply driving over the grasslands with the only road signs, the mountains.

The rewards for this adventure are numerous. It is a fantastic country, the scenery is beautiful and the people friendly. Our recommendation is to interact with the population as often as possible. This is because, with a nomadic culture, there are few permanent examples of the native culture other than the stories and lives of the people who live it. To arrange a furgon trip, or any other adventure in Mongolia contact Panoramic Journeys.

The adventure we took was especially created for us. Learn more about bespoke journeys below!

Whenever, Wherever, Whatever

Panoramic Journeys specialise in not only group trips, but also tailormade holidays to both Mongolia or Bhutan. They can design bespoke itineraries to both countries whether you are a solo traveller, a small family group, friends or a large group of 20 or more. They can tailor a journey to suit your interests and preferences. Whether you like to travel by horse, camel, yak, jeep or on foot; stay at boutique hotels, eco-lodges or ‘go local’ on a homestay; enjoy the rapids on the rivers or the colour of festivals – they can put together a dream journey for you.

Specialist Interests

We can also arrange specialist trips focusing on interests such as ornithology, botany, religion, palaeontology, and architecture. Whatever the essence you aim to capture from either country, we can make it happen. Recently we’ve designed bespoke trips for groups who wanted to go hot air ballooning, fishing and birding. We work with regularly with film crews and are happy to handle permits, carnets and in-country research.


The team are used to the demands of travelling with young families, having plenty of first hand experience! We aim to take the worry out of your travel. We have car seats, can cater to fussy eaters and are experts on ‘child friendly’ itineraries with plenty of activities, minimum car journeys and a weath of ideas to interest, amuse and educate. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

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