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Explore a mountain plateau and meet the native people of Samburu.

The chance to interact with people from another culture who have a completely different way of life is one of the main things that drives people to travel. And when you can combine that with a trek to the mountain plateau they call home then the maths is simple. It adds up to one amazing adventure.

This trek is a great way of exploring the N’doto mountain range with the trek starting in Lascillica ,climbing to the peak of the range before the descent takes you back to your origin.

The mountain plateau is filled with small permanent communities of the Samburu tribesmen who use the pasture land to graze their cattle during the long dry season. This is an amazing site, a chance to see the local population at work in the area they have spent centuries mastering.

The plateau is reached by a trek that takes you along precipitous mountain paths of the range’s western spur, after leaving the gulley. After negotiating these paths you hit the rainforest ring of the mountain before eventually passing out onto the plateau. The final conquest of the trek is to make it to the pea of the N’dotos and admire the view which surrounds you. Looking out over the landscape, you get an amazing insight into how far you travelled not just in terms of physical distance, but also in terms of the distance from your normal life. It is a great trek to get away from the stresses of every day life.

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