La Paz to Quito

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Duration: 41 days
Price: £1,475




Set off on an unforgettable tour from Bolivia to Ecuador, travelling through diverse Andean landscapes and discovering the fascinating culture of this remarkable region.

Trek along ancient Inca paths, survey the vast Colca Canyon, gaze at the remarkable Nazca Lines and delight in the dazzling buildings of Arequipa. Discover the colonial charm of Cuenca and Lima before penetrating deep into the lush jungles of the Amazon and absorbing panoramic views of Quito. Experience sublime wonder at the ruins of Machu Picchu, discover life on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and admire colourful traditional costumes in Bolivia. This unforgettable 41-day Overland adventure is the ultimate way to discover the rich history, friendly people and vibrant culture of this unique corner of South America.

Day 1 La Paz
The adventure starts in La Paz, Bolivia’s cultural capital. This atmospheric city is well-worth exploring so why not spend a few days here before the trip starts and visit the sights. Be sure to take a wander through the Witches’ Market.

Days 2-3 Copacabana
Discover Copacabana, a picturesque town situated on the shores of Lake Titicaca with an amazing Moorish style cathedral. Hike over the car-free Island of the Sun and discover its scenic heart. Widely believed to be the birthplace of Inca culture, there are plenty of ruins to explore.

Day 4 Lake Titicaca/ Puno
Meet the locals of the floating, man-made Uros islands on Lake Titicaca.

Days 5-6 Cuzco
Explore Cuzco, South America’s oldest continuously inhabited city. Admire the many Baroque churches or discover the city’s Inca heritage by visiting the 12-sided stone or the Qorikancha ruins.

Days 7-10 Inca Trail/ Quecha Community Trek
Set off on the trek of a lifetime. Hike across high plateaus, pass incredible ruins and visit local Quechua communities before descending into the Sacred Valley. There is also the option to trek the classic Inca Trail.

Day 11 Machu Picchu/ Cuzco
Revel in the breathtaking views of Machu Picchu, a true ancient wonder. Discover the site’s secrets on a guided tour then explore the citadel at leisure. Back in Cuzco, unwind from trekking in one of the city’s great bars or spend some time learning about the region’s indigenous culture at the Centre for Traditional Textiles.

Day 12 Cuzco
Explore Cuzco and wander through cobblestone streets lined with massive Inca stone walls and Spanish-colonial architecture. Perhaps sign up for one of the many adventure activities on offer here including horse riding and whitewater rafting.

Day 13 Raqchi

Experience some Peruvian hospitality on an overnight homestay with some of Intrepid’s long-term friends.

Days 14-15 Chivay/ Colca Canyon
Witness the graceful flight of the Andean condor as it swoops and soars above the dramatic Colca Canyon.

Days 16-17 Arequipa
Explore the scenic city of Arequipa and perhaps stop by the Museo Santury to view Juanita, the ice princess. The body of this frozen Inca maiden is thought to be more than 500 years-old and was found at a sacrificial site on the summit of Nevado Ampato.

Day 18 Puerto Inca
Glimpse into the past at the fascinating Chauchilla Cemetery, which houses some remarkably well-preserved ancient human remains. Camp overnight near Puerto Inca.

Day 19 Nazca
Learn about Peru’s mysterious Nazca Lines and perhaps take a scenic flight to fully appreciate the scale of this puzzling creation.

Day 20 Paracas National Reserve
Pitch a tent in Paracas, which spans over 335,000 hectares and is home to one of the world’s most important marine reserves. Take a walk along the coastline and spot the vibrant birdlife this region is famous for.

Days 21-22 Ballestas Islands/ Lima
Cruise around the Ballestas Islands and spot some of the wildlife that thrives in the area. Continue on to Lima and discover an incredible mix of Latin and Spanish influences. Descend into the catacombs under the Monastery of San Francisco or head to lively Miraflores for some shopping and a quick drink.

Days 23-25 Huaraz

Located high in the Andes, Huaraz has a range of optional activities available. Get active with some mountain biking or perhaps take a day trip to the Pastoruri Glacier.

Days 26-27 Huanchaco

Visit the fascinating Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum and see famous mummies found buried amid an array of gold, jewels and fabrics. In Huanchaco, admire the skill of the surfing fisherman who balance on canoes made of reeds.

Days 28-29 Punta Sal
Seaside activities abound in Punta Sal, a haven of sun, surf and sand. Perhaps enjoy deep-sea fishing, explore the scenic shoreline by boat or simply kick back on the beach with a good book.

Days 30-31 Cuenca/ Riobamba
Let yourself be enchanted by Cuenca. Take a stroll along cobblestone streets and admire the red-tiled roofs, flower markets and shady plazas that have earned Cuenca the honour of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Days 32-33 Chugchilan/ Quilotoa Loop
Enjoy spectacular views while travelling along the winding Quilotoa Loop. Stretch legs on a guided trek and overnight in an eco-lodge nestled on the slopes of the Rio Toachi Canyon.

Days 34-36 Rio Verde
Make the most of the year-round temperate climate in Rio Verde by enjoying some optional outdoor activities.

Days 37-39 Amazon Jungle

The lush, verdant jungle of the upper Amazon River Basin is one of the world’s most biologically diverse regions. Set off on treks heading deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle, visit freshwater pools inhabited by long-legged caimans and canoe down twisting rivers to meet hospitable locals.

Days 40-41 Quito

Dwarfed by the majestic Volcan Pichincha, the vibrant city of Quito is one of South America’s treasures. Stroll through the historic Old Town to see grand colonial buildings or try some delicious local specialities in a pena.

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