Kalinchowk Peak Trek

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This short, no holds barred trek is great for people short on time but want a great adventure.

We all wish we had six months to spare, to plan and execute an amazing lost distance adventure, taking us far away from the crowd into previously unexplored parts of the world but realistically most of us don’t. That is why this adventure is so great. It only takes a week to complete the trek but gets you into some of the most remote areas of the world and offers some amazing views. It does this by not hanging around, heading straight into the trekking.

This Kalinchowk trek takes in some of Nepal’s most amazing sights in a short time, it takes in the magic of the Dolangsa Monastery, the Tisang La Pass and the rocky spire of Kalinchowk Peak itself. The epic peak offers amazing views stretching out in all directions. If ever there was a place for an epiphany as you realise the sheer size and drama of nature, this is it.

The trek achieves all these goals in such a short time by diving in at the deep end. The trek heads straight off road and into the foothills towards the destinations. These adventure is perfect for people wanting to visit a tourist-free zone with plenty of culture and amazing views.

We recommend The Blue Space for this world-class short trek.

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