Horse riding in the Ecuadorian Andes

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Fact File:

Duration: 2-5 days

Cost: TBC

This is a real adventure for riding enthusiasts!



Horses are a little underrated as methods of transport, even if they don’t have as much power as a motorbike, and have minds of their own, and the ability to throw you off at a whim. Wait, let me start over.

Horses are awesome, and this adventure in the Andes is an exhilarating and uplifting activity. Journey Latin America has a large range of riding holidays for any budding equestrian. They’ll put you in the saddle for anything from a 2-5 day trek on horseback to a breath-taking 8 day horse-riding adventure.

Big Earth’s personal favourite is the 8 day adventure trek in the Ecuadorian Andes. Not only will you be riding along traditional routes during the day, but you’ll get to stay in authentic haciendas at night. These haciendas are still working farms, whose friendly owners have been welcoming guests over the past few years. At any of these establishments you’ll get an authentic Ecuadorian experience.

You’ll start off on the first day with a gentle ride through the beautiful Ecuadorian countryside, and oast the lower slopes of the sacred Imbabura Volcano and visit Otavalo’s market.

Over the next few days the number of hours you’ll spend in the saddle will gradually increase to a maximum of about seven hours as your body becomes accustomed. Phew! The scenery you traverse through will also gradually become wilder, from trails through tiny weaving villages, farms and orchards; you will end up climbing grassy plains where you’ll be free to gallop at will.

Other highlights of the tour include crossing the equator surrounded by eucalyptus trees, driving down the Avenue of the Volcanoes, visiting Sasquisili indian market en route to Cotopaxi National Park. Part of this route follows the main Inca highway which linked Quito with Cusco, Peru.

For more information and to book visit Journey Latin America.

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