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Duration: 4 hours
Price: £25 GBP




Spend some time experiencing a truly Indian cooking experience.

Travel and cuisine are of course intrinsically linked. What better way is there to fully explore a country or continent than sampling its array of beautiful foods? In this adventure you will have the ability to discover the joyful, cultural meanings of Indian cuisine on a Delhi food tour.

The tour consists of meeting an Indian family in their home, learning about traditional spices and cooking techniques, handling the Indian food like a local, and exploring daily life in Delhi over delicious food and hot chai.

Indian food is a very popular cuisine in England, but do we really appreciate the culture behind it, for the Indian people it is more than just fuel for the body, it is also tradition, celebration and religion based. Eating is always seen as a family affair, and therefore a chance to meet an Indian family in their own home over an evening meal is an experience nobody would want to miss. You’ll also be able to learn about the spices and techniques behind dishes, and end the feast with a soothing chai tea.

Even better is the ability to travel through Delhi on cycle rickshaws before you visit your new chefs, and to see the bright, dynamic colours of India, interspersed with the heat of the sun and the smell of endless spices.

This is one of the many amazing adventures that Round the World Experts offer. This adventure starts from £25 all inclusive.

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