Heliski In Uzbekistan

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Fact File:
Duration: 9 days
Price: 2995 GBP



Take a chance with wilderness skiing in undiscovered Uzbekistan.

There are two major trends in the skiing world at the moment, and they both have the same aim, to find great, remote skiing areas where you are free from the hullabaloo of major ski resorts. The first of these is the rise of ski resorts in previously unexpected locations – Morocco, Chile and India are all part of this, and the second is heliskiing which allows skiers to get further away from the crowds into the wilderness for a great adventure.

It’s not often that these can be combined but we believe heliskiing in Uzbekistan manages it. Of course for destinations to take off they must have more than the novelty factor, they need great conditions and the Fann Mountains of Central Asia certainly have that. Located inland they receive a huge amount of great powder snow making for conditions the equal of anywhere in the world.

The helicopters take off from the pyramid hotel and fly up to the peaks of the Ugam, Pskem and Chatkal from where the skiing begins. The flights are worked out to give the maximum skiing to flight ratio to reduce the price and give skiers the best experience possible.

This is sure give you the powder you’re looking for and with far fewer skiers than elsewhere it feels as if you’ve been let into a secret. A secret we may just have let out of the bag, sorry.

Brief Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival to Tashkent. Stay in 4* hotel.

Day 2
Transfer to mountains (2 hours drive). Accommodation in Pyramids Hotel 3* Safety briefing. Avalanche transceiver and casualty search training.

Day 3/8

Day 9
Transfer to Tashkent. Departures.

The standard day schedule


Leave Hotel and load Helicopter.

Departure for skiing area.

Heli drops and skiing.

Lunch and resting.

Heli drops and skiing.

Return to the Hotel. Rest and relaxation.

Supper etc.

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