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Duration: 11 days
Price: 616 GBP




Learn all the skills needed to be a proper Aussie cowboy or cowgirl.

The Jackaroos (cowboys) and Jillaroos (cowgirls) have a huge part in the culture of Australia. We think it’s an epic adventure to learn the trade on a working farm. Mastering the horses, and getting real hands on experience. This is the real deal, if you like the job and you’re good enough, they’ll give you a job reference at the end of the course.

Found in the hills near Mulla Cree, New South Wales, the base of the school is a real Australian working property which also trains people with little or no prior experience in the art of the cowboy. They’ll teach you the basics of stock riding on one of their horses with a temperament suitable to your experience whether you’re at home on a horse already or a complete novice.
You’ll learn how to saddle, ride, groom and depending on the weather even swim a horse, how to milk a cow, muster cows and sheep on horseback and to catch, mark and brand young calves, no easy task if the calf decides it’s not going to play ball.

With the help of working dogs you’ll be working with the sheep and cows in the open air as well as close to, and learning to repair fences. This is a real experience of life as a jackaroo, no sugar-coating, no show for the tourists, this is the real deal.

All training during the course will be done ‘on the job’. You will be based on a working property and the skills and techniques used will be explained and demonstrated, then carried out by trainees under supervision. The tasks you will be taught are those actually carried out in the normal running of the property. As such, there is no set itinerary for each day, but by the end of the course trainees should be able to carry out routine/basic tasks and more skilled jobs with minimal supervision.

The jackaroo and jillaroo school runs over a period of 11 days with groups of up to 25 people per course. The aim of the course is to provide basic training for people with minimal or no experience, so that their employment prospects are increased. Jackaroo and Jillaroo jobs are eagerly sought after and those without experience or skills are at a great disadvantage.

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