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Fact File:
Duration: 1 day
Price: TBC




Get to grips with the fastest racers in the world.

For anyone who is a fan of motor-racing the ultimate competition is the high-octane, high-risk races of Formula 1. These are the elite drivers of the world driving the most sensitive cars in some of the world’s most exclusive cities. Drivers must be a combination of fearless and precise to be successful. The chance to drive a Renault F1 car around the Budapest track is one adventure that any F1 fan will have trouble resisting.

The experience starts with the less powerful cousins of the F1 car as you slowly build up your skills through practise and teaching from the instructors, team engineers and mechanics. Finally when you are deemed ready, you get the chance to get your hands on the wheel of the F1 monster. And take it round the Budapest Hungaroring circuit. Make sure you are concentrating, driving one of these brutes requires huge bravery but also immense skill if you are going to push the limits of speed and grip.

Once you’ve had your chance to impress, who knows you might have a contract in the post, you are put into a three-seater F1 car for a glimpse at how the professionals can make the engine sing. Seeing the way these are driven, the speed, the reactions and the bravery needed by the driver is an awesome experience and one you will not forget, and one you may never experience again.

Sample Itinerary:

Arrival the day before at Budapest city airport, between 4pm and 6 pm
Team dinner and one night’s accommodation at 5 * Four seasons hotel Budapest
7am transfer to the track and change into Renault F1 Team driving gear
General day and safety briefing
Reconnaissance laps of the track in Renault Traffic cars
Formula Renault 2.0 briefings- Formula Renault 2.0 driving sessions
Debriefs with engineers and telemetry
Physiotherapists and reflex machine sessions
Passenger laps in Renault Megane Trophy race car piloted by RF1 reserve driver
Gourmet lunch at track
Formula 1 briefing followed by Formula 1 driving session
Passenger laps in a 3-seater F1 car piloted by RF1 reserve driver
End-of-day cocktail, telemetry readouts of the day and gift pack

Quintessentially Escape are the people to contact for information and to book your F1 adventure.

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