Explore the Russian Tundra

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Lose yourself in the vast wilderness that is Russia’s tundra.

We are drawn to Russia for several reasons, but not least among them is its sheer size. The enormity of the country and the vast spaces that stretch out between major settlements mean it has a huge amount of wilderness to explore. From the tundra of the far north and east to the fertile lands of the west, this is a country which has too much of interest for adventurers to even consider ignoring.

The tundra is perfect for people for whom adventure is a way to escape. You can’t get much further away from the world than when you’re in the middle of a huge chunk of Russian wilderness. To get a scale of the emptiness we recommend commandeering a helicopter at some point to fly over the area. Travelling for miles without seeing even a trace of human habitation is an experience you are unlikely to forget.

The area’s great sporting opportunity is the quality of fishing provided by the enormous rivers. Adventurous anglers will feel right at home here. The combination of trekking and amazing fishing in a landscape that will take your breath away is not to be missed.

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