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Duration: 21 days
Price: 785 GBP




Roman ruins, Islamic mosques and mystical spices at markets, explore the amazing area that is North Africa.

One of the glorious things about Africa and the history of the continent is the diversity it has created. This is not surprising given it is the place where man first appeared, but it is very easy to characterise it as a single entity. The differences between North Africa, leaning towards Mediterranean culture, part of the Roman Empire and then the Muslim expansion, and sub-Saharan Africa is huge and fascinating.

North Africa is a great place to explore, especially for lovers of history. The monuments to past empires have survived so well here because of the sand, the sand which for humans is so hot and dry living in many areas is impossible, but it also serves to preserve ruins brilliantly.

Travelling from Egypt to Tunisia you will pass through areas that have been settled for many thousands of years. Egypt’s long history is of course well-known, the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and the amazing feats of engineering they oversaw are on many people’s bucket list, but the Roman ruins of Libya and Tunisia are perhaps less well-known. Libya alone is home to some of the finest examples of Roman architecture in the world, in particular Leptis Magna which has been preserved in incredible condition by the warm dry sand.

After the ancient history comes the amazing modern Islamic country. The suqs riads and mosque minarets of North African cities are delights for the eye, and the markets with the spices and incenses still hold a mystical charm.

This is a great place to explore, and doing so in your own truck is likely to bring excellent comparisons to the excellent war time epic – Ice Cold in Alex.

For more information on this adventure visit Overlanding Africa.

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