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Fly back in time with this classic British plane

Few planes have quite the same feeling of history attached as the Tiger Moth, a bi-plane used to train the Spitfire and Hurricane pilots who played such a huge role in the Battle of Britain and therefore the outcome of the entire Second World War.

It was designed just 28 years after the Wright Brothers first succeeded in powered flight but remained in service until the 1950s. Flying in this open-top plane, bomber jacket and scarf on, it really feels as if you have flown straight out of a Biggles story.

The plane’s purpose as a trainer means it is a simple machine, few dials clutter the instrument panel and this means it is light, light enough to take off in little more than the length of a football pitch. It is a raw experience nothing like the experience of modern aircraft, you can see the movement of parts of the plane and you can really see the beauty of the design.

The final benefit of the Tiger Moth is that it can fly very slowly and very low making it a perfect sightseeing plane.  Flying across the English countryside you feel as if you have gone back in time, but there are so many options. There are pilots across the world, including one we would highly recommend who can take you from Queensland, Australia on a flight above the white sands of the Whitsunday Islands.

There are many other experiences and flights you can check out at the Aerodrome:

Cubair Flight Training – based in Hangar 8 Cubair operate modern Diamond DA20 Katana, Diamond DA40 Star aircraft alongside a Cessna 172, a GA7 Couger and a Piper Cub. Contact Cubair on 01737 822124 or visit their website Cubair for details.

Harvard Aviation – based in the Old Main Block, close to the Cafe, Harvard operate a fleet of Cessna 152 and Cessna 172 aircraft. They also have an aircraft simulator on which instrument training can be undertaken. Contact Harvard on 01737 823001 or visit their website Harvard for details.

Redhill Aviation – based in the Old Main Block Redhill Aviation has a fleet of Cessna 152 aircraft and a Piper PA28-181 training aircraft which they operate alongside Piper PA34 Seneca and Piper PA31 Chieftain aircraft used for charter work. Contact Redhill Aviation on 01737 822959 or visit their website Redhill Aviation for details.

Redhill Sport Flyers – This small friendly club operates Ikarus C42 small light aircraft from their office in the Old Main Block. Contact Redhill Sport Flyers on 07919 850253 or visit their website Redhill Sport Flyers for details.

For information on Tiger Moths and to organise a flight visit Redhill Aerodrome.

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