Escape and Evasion

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Duration: 1 day
Price: TBC




Experience the fear and excitement of an attempted car-jacking as you learn how to get away.

Having your car hijacked when you are driving through a city would be one of the most terrifying incidents imaginable, and that’s why you can learn the art of evasive driving and how to escape if the worst were to happen. While this adventure has a serious side, it also has a fun aspect, as this is a simulation you can sit back and, to some extent at least, enjoy the adrenaline caused by fear and the excitement of driving.

This course not only teaches you skills which could save your life if you were ever the victim of an attack, but also any number of advanced driving techniques that simply make you a better and safer driver. As well as courses on how to reduce the risk of attack you will be taught the immediate actions to take which could save your life, given by special forces soldiers.

The highlight for Big Earth, okay we’re childish, is the opportunity to drive cars at high speed round specially designed tracks to learn evasive manoeuvres and techniques such as how to hit a car in a road block to flip it round and motor away to safety. If you love to drive fast and want a new and exciting thrill, or spend time in areas where car-jacking is common then this is a great course which couches a real learning experience in a fun and adventurous day.

This is truly a driving experience like no other. Not only will you get to attempt a number of thrilling manoeuvres in a tense, dramatic situation, you will also undertake a course dealing with an interesting and potentially life-saving subject.

Obviously it’s a situation that you would never ever wish to be in, but what would you do if a man appeared at your driver’s side window, holding a 9mm and an iron bar, ordering you to get out of your car?

Do you open your door and potentially open yourself up to attack? Do you try to drive off? Or do you try to take the attacker by surprise? This experience will not only provide you with a solution to this dilemma, but it will teach you all manner of advanced driving techniques, hazard perception and a number of other skills necessary in order to deal with a carjacking scenario effectively and safely.

During this specialized one day session with a team of experts from Counter Terror Units and Special Forces, you will get to drive at high speeds down a specially designed track with the intention of taking out the car in front of you, master and apply evasive driving techniques and understand more fully the reasons for attacks and how to take immediate, effective action to protect yourself.

A Quintessentially chauffeur will pick you up from and return you to an agreed point in London in style, comfort and – as you will no doubt be only too aware after the experience – safety.

To organise your evasive driving course, contact Quintessentially Escape.

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