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Duration: 15 Days
Price: 987 GBP




This jampacked tour is bursting at the seams with different cultural adventures from Egypt.

This adventure begins in Cairo, Egypt’s chaotic capital. Ride a camel out to the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza and peruse artefacts at the Egyptian Museum. With ornate jewellery, a chariot and that famous golden funerary mask, the dazzling treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb are a real highlight.

Next head to Aswan/ Abu Simbel, where you can hone your bargaining skills in one of the country’s best bazaars. Enjoy a boat ride to a nearby beach to climb sand dunes – there are amazing views from the top. A walk around Elephantine Island reveals insight into the culture of the local Nubian people. The following day, journey to Abu Simbel to view colossal stone statues.
On days 5-6 you’ll arrive at a Nubian Homestay by Nile Felucca. Sail to a Nubian village aboard a felucca to experience village culture firsthand at a homestay. Drift along the iconic Nile and take in the sights of rural riverside life. Enjoy meals prepared on board before falling asleep under a blanket of stars.

Next up is Luxor. Journey by donkey ride to the ancient hieroglyphs and royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Meet the members of an animal care project, who are dedicated to improving the lives of Egypt’s working creatures. Be touched by their kind efforts to care for abandoned, injured or overworked animals. Explore the temple complex of Karnak – one of the most impressive of all the ancient pharaohs’ monumental works. In the evening, board a sleeper train bound for the bustle of Cairo.

Back in the capital, enjoy a walk through Coptic and Islamic Cairo and bargain up a storm in the labyrinthine Khan al-Khalili market.
At last visit the awesome Mt Sinai, where you can climb – or perhaps ride a camel – to the top of iconic Mt Sinai for panoramic desert views.
On days 12-13 you’ll be visiting the Red Sea .Why not beach camp, before heading to the Red Sea, visit the legendary St Katherine’s Monastery, an important pilgrimage site that is thought to be the oldest working Christian monastery in the world. Snorkel among coral reefs, stay in beach huts looking across to Saudi Arabia and, in the evening, experience the hospitality of the Bedouin over an optional fresh seafood meal.
Your last days in Cairo will be spent on a variety of interesting expeditions. Cross under the Suez Canal on return to Cairo. A farewell dinner offers one last chance to taste local Egyptian favourites such as falafel and to relive memories of this Egyptian adventure.

This amazing adventure is brought to you by Intrepid Travel. Visit their website for information on this and other trips.  Happy travelling.

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