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Fact File:
Duration: 10 days
Price: 1,202 GBP




A combination of culture highlights and amazing scenery.

With the amazing landscapes and wildlife that Africa has to offer it is sometimes easy to forget it is also home to an amazing cultural heritage. Safaris are the most famous African adventure, but often the bypass the local population entirely, and that is a terrible shame.

We recommend Ethiopia as an amazing destination for a cultural African adventure. Part of the fascination with travel for us has always been the drive to understand other cultures and to meet people who have a completely differeny outlook on life and visiting tribal villages in Ethiopia achieves both of these aims. The history of Ethiopia is fascinating, never less so than when the mechanised, modern army of Italy invaded what was then Abyssinia and were defeated by the traditional tribal armies of the African country. It is bravery like this that has seen the country and way of life survive remarkably well.

This tour combines the chance to visit the traditional tribal villages with the amazing scenery that Ethiopia has to offer. The tour continues through the savannah and runs along the ‘Mountains of Men’. It then rises up the Karkerte Mountains until it reaches the soft, terraced hills of Konso where we visit a local village. Nothing in Ethiopia or Africa prepares you for South Omo. This area is filled with extraordinary cultural intensity.

This combination of scenery and culture makes this an epic adventure, and one we wholeheartedly recommend.

For details of this adventure visit Overlanding Africa.

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