Crewing a yacht and crossing the line

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Earn your sea legs in this authentic sailing adventure.

There’s something incredibly special about being in a small boat far from land, with no sign of terra firma for days your world shrinks to the boat, the state of the sea and weather and the trim of the sails is all you have to worry about. Sadly most of us will never be able to afford a yacht and without one this experience can be tricky, as long haul flights become more common the long sea voyages that pre-dated it are being consigned to history.

However, there are ways to experience this and the most accessible is finding a ship in need of a crew. This is a remarkably common need, often owners want their yacht in the Mediterranean in summer and the Caribbean in winter. To move the boat they often need a crew, and while most will be experienced sailors, there is often space for one novice who will learn as they go.

This adventure offers a shot at one of the great experiences of the world, the crossing the line ceremony. A tradition which some think dates back to pagan rituals designed to appease the gods and monsters of the deep, there are many variations, bu most of them are some form of initiation to test whether new recruits are tough enough for life at sea. Once you have crossed it once you are no longer a rookie, but a fully fledged sailor.

Crew Seekers has replaced the docks as the place to find out about crewing opportunities.

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