Complete Desert and Delta

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Fact File:
Duration: 21 days
Price: 1800 GBP




Visit some of the best wildlife areas in the world.

The Okavango Delta is one of the most bountiful areas of the world for seeing Africa’s amazing wildlife, it is the place where wildlife cameramen and photographers go to make a name for themselves and where David Attenborough goes to film nature documentaries. It is widely recognised as one of the best places in the world. The reasons for visiting are therefore clear.

This tour, which starts and ends in Livingstone, takes in some of the most amazing landscapes in southern Africa, including Victoria Falls, Spitzkoppe and the amazing dunes of the Namib Desert. This adventure really will let you see the best this corner of Africa has to offer.

It is often said that the desert is a particularly affecting place. People go there and have epiphanies, it affects people in different ways, but very few people are unmoved, the Namib Desert is a gorgeous example of the amazing sand dunes that can occur, and is again one of the most spectacular examples of these in the world.

The chance to combine the amazing desert views with the wildlife of the delta and the stunning rock formations that make up Spitzkoppe is one not to be missed. Just one of these areas would make an epic adventure, but all of them together makes for one of the most amazing experiences in the workld.

For more information on this trip or to book visit Overlanding Africa.

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