Climbing Cotopaxi

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Duration: 5 days

Cost: Customisable

Take 5 days to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

The almost perfect Mount Cotopaxi, at 5,897m is rated as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It is absolutely covered in pure white snow, and offers its climbers an awesome view into its crater.

If we’re honest, technically this is not a hugely difficult climb, but it is as popular as it is because it helps the climber gain experience at high-altitude mountaineering. Something that isn’t to be sniffed at. One of the main reasons that any climb goes wrong be it Everest or the Three Peaks in England, is altitude problems. When your beset with this affliction literally everything can go wrong as your body shuts down.
Because altitude acclimatisation is so essential, on this adventure you will be spending a couple of days hiking in crisp mountain air along beautifully easy-going paths through gorgeous Andes landscapes of cedar forests, glacial paths and tiny villages inhabited with the local population.

You will also have the opportunity to climb to the crater of the extinct 4200m peak of Pasachoa, and hike to the peak of Illinizas Sur.

On the 5th day of this adventure you will leave your comfy bed behind at midnight to begin the ascent of Cotopaxi itself, your guide will help you to negotiate the giant rock walls and ill-defined paths.

At 5,050m you will reach the snow-line after which crampons must be worn. On a clear day, there are mind expanding views over the surrounding snow covered peaks. It is amazing to stand at such an amazing height and look down over what you’ve achieved, and gives you a sense of pride everyone should feel at some point in their lives.

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