Canoe the Okefenokee

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Duration: 3 days
Price: 90 GBP



Explore the ‘blackwater swamp’ of Georgia.

When we think of ‘blackwater swamps’ a whole array of reasons to avoid swamps come swarming into our minds – alligators, snakes, carnivorous plants and the dark tangle of triffid-like plants waiting to ensnare us and ensure we never escape from their clutches – but then we remember why we’d visit Okefenokee-like swamps, their profound emptiness and their inherent danger makes them thrilling places to be.

However, this is not a lost cause, the water is clear, and the canoe trails are well-marked, making it tricky to get losts, the wildlife is still there, but that’s all part of the fun. A trip across the 438,000 acre swamp is one of the best wilderness adventures in the US, and one not to be missed, especially as it can be achieved in just three days of paddling.

The best route is known as Route 7, and starts at Suwannee Canal. You’ll stop at Cahse Prairie on the first night and Floyd’ Island the next before entering the primeval cypress forests on the third day, the dark silence, broken only by night frogs coupled with the clear water and engulfing woods makes for a suitable creepy, but enchanting adventure.

Okefenokee Adventures are the best tour company to explore the swamp with. For more information on them read on:

Tour routes may vary with water levels, weather, and wildlife activity. Every tour is different. Each guide brings his or her own perspective to your swamp experience. Our staff includes well-known authorities on alligator biology, wetland ecology, and Okefenokee cultural history. Most of our guides have family roots in the Okefenokee, they were born and raised here, and several of us have been leading swamp trips for 20 years or more.

We are the most experienced team of professional guides working in the Okefenokee today, and we are here because we love the swamp. Let us share it with you!

Our boat fleet consists of 24-foot Carolina Skiffs with canopies overhead and includes a wheelchair-accessible boat. If you have special needs or requests for specific expertise, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Avoid summer. Permits and camping reservations can be made at Book a three-day canoe rental ($60) and the round-trip shuttle ($159) with Okefenokee Adventures.

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