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Explore the wilderness of Canada with the best authentic guides.

Nunavut is one of the world’s great wildernesses, vast, wild almost entirely empty, exploring it is a once in a lifetime experience. To get some idea of its size and sparseness, it is eight times larger than the UK but is home to just 33,000 people, most of whom are Inuit, the indigenous people of the high Arctic.

The problem with this emptiness is that there is very little infrastructure, very few tourists visit the area and there are barely any roads. Making an effort to travel here though is an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn about Inuit culture.

We think the best starting point is Cape Dorset, it is well and truly in the middle of nowhere, but there are archaeological remains showing traces of Inuit habitation from as long ago as 1100BC. It is also the base of Huit Huit, an Inuit-owned company whch can take you out into the wilderness to camp, fish, dog-sled or just watch the wildlife.

As they are representative of the local population you can also discover a huge amount about their customs, hear traditional throat singing and share a meal in an Inuit home.

A proposed trip schedule is below:

Get an extreme understanding of arctic wilderness survival as only the Inuit know.

On arrival in Cape Dorset you will be given a warm northern welcome with a community tour. It will be followed by an intimate and relaxing home cooked dinner, featuring delectable northern fare.

The following day, we review participants’ gear, load the boat and set sail down the south Baffin coast to Saqpak Bay where we will camp at our favourite summer fishing spot. Located 160 kilometres east of Dorset, this remote fish river abounds in arctic char that swim along the coast and at the river mouth during the summer season.

Nature will decide if we overnight en route at Iqalugaaqjuk Camp, as the tides and currents at various passages determine travel times. In the north, the land often chooses your schedule.

At Saqpak, we will work as a team to set up the tent camp. Fishing at the river will be best when the tides are coming in. You can hike with Inuit guides and search for caribou inland or cast for char along the coast.

We usually take a boat trip into the deep inlets of Saqpak Bay, past rugged untouched coastlines searching for wildlife.

Join us for the joy and thrill of an authentic arctic wilderness experience.

Huit Huit has the local knowledge to organise a great adventure in the Northern Territories.

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