Bushcraft Canoe Tour on Revsund

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A canoeing experience with wild camping and tuition in bushcraft skills.

One of mankind’s oldest skills is the ability to survive in the wild, a set of skills which have come back into vogue with proponents such as Ray Mears bringing them back to a wider audience.

A Bushcraft Canoe Tour on Revsund is a guided canoe and camping experience ideal for anyone keen to learn how to implement basic bushcraft skills. The tour takes place on the lake of Revsund, around the island of Ammeron in Jämtland staying in Laplandic tents (teepees) or self-built shelters along the route.

Interest in bushcraft has grown significantly in recent years, as people seek a way to reconnect with nature and discover the pleasures and challenges of life in the wilderness and the release from dependence on modern technology. Sweden offers excellent opportunities to learn and practise bushcraft skills in beautiful natural settings, with the possibility to camp wild and a rich fauna and flora.

We recommend taking a tour led by a local bushcraft guide who can teach you about plants and wildlife, practise fire and camp building. They will also teach you to identify edible plants, and cook them in the forest. After a tough day surviving on the land, you can retreat to a lakeside hot-tub to soothe your tired muscles. This is an amazing wilderness adventure, exploring the land, and living of its fruits.

Visit Nature Travels to organise this adventure.

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