BMW Bike Selville and Southern Spain

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Duration: 15 days
Price: £2,299 GBP

Enjoy one of BMW’s premium bike tours.

You don’t have to go far to experience all the brightness, warmth and beauty of the Mediterranean.

Fresh from the ferry, we arrive on Spain’s north coast and trace a beautiful route through the Northern Plains, enjoying several days of relaxed, yet stimulating, riding, stopping for traditional tapas and wonderful local coffee and wine, enjoying the hot weather and superb roads between the wonderful cities of Leon, Salamanca and Caceres en route to Seville. Seville is the cultural, financial and artistic capital of southern Spain. With a long and fascinating history, Seville has passed back and forth between conquering forces, resulting in a blend of Spanish, Islamic and Moorish architecture and culture. And Seville at Easter is truly magical. Our trip will centre on the Easter Parades. With thousands of the faithful carrying altars and devotional trinkets through the streets, Andalusia celebrates its festivals with passion and abandonment.

While the festival is the focus of the trip, it’s by no means the only treat in store. The southern plains of Spain are home to some of the finest roads in existence, graced with a pleasant climate year-round. Ronda is an old Roman hilltop city, carved in two by the mighty Guadalevín River and linked to the world-famous Ronda Road, as featured countless times in ‘Bike’ magazine. This tour offers a chance to ride through stunning landscapes lifted from Spaghetti Westerns and experience one of the most vibrant, exciting festivals in Europe.


Plymouth – Santander – Leon – Salamanca – Caceres – Seville – Ronda – Trujillo – Toledo – Lerma-Bilbao-Portsmouth

Highlights include witnessing Seville in magnificent spring, experiencing the Easter festival, visiting UNESCO cities and sites, and viewing fabulous paradors.

Visit BMW’s Motorrad site for more information and to book at the below link.

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