Beijing to Hong Kong

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Fact File:
Duration: 20 Days
Price: £1145 GBP




This is an exciting adventure which encompasses two highly exotic and adventurous countries.

To begin in Beijing where modern high-rise buildings tower over buzzing busy streets – a dramatic contrast to the timeless wonder of Beijing’s ancient sites. There is plenty of time to explore this amazing metropolis, from the Forbidden City and Summer Palace to backstreet hutongs packed with tiny local shops and eateries.

Next up you’ll be able to experience the Great Wall and travel to lesser-known sections. Take a long walk over steep, remote terrain taking in incredible views of the countryside. Rise early the next morning to catch a sunrise over this great feat of ancient engineering, then return to Beijing and jump on board an overnight train bound for Xi’an.
From days 6-8 the trip is situated in Xi’an. Formerly one of China’s imperial capitals, there is much to see in Xi’an. Cycle around the city walls, admire the Great Mosque or sample street food at the night markets in the Muslim Quarter. Don’t miss the famed 2,200-year-old Terracotta Warriors – eternally vigilant in guarding the tomb of China’s First Emperor, the warriors are positioned in strict accordance with an ancient text on the art of war.
In Shanghai hunt for a bargain in the bustling Yuyuan Bazaar or shop up a storm in China’s hippest stores. Gobble Shanghai’s favourite dumpling, xiaolongbao – but do so with caution; these molten morsels easily scald over-eager eaters. Perhaps catch an evening performance by the famous Shanghai acrobats.

Next up arrive in Xitang where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities for an overnight stay in a traditional guesthouse. Visit ancient villas and stroll on cobblestone streets alongside the many canals in town. Explore the well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty buildings and absorb the old-world atmosphere.
Head to Yangshuo where dramatic limestone peaks and lush surrounds characterise the unforgettable Guangxi region. Perhaps take it all in on a cycling adventure along picturesque country lanes or wander the backstreets of Yangshuo to discover hole-in-the-wall restaurants and small markets. There is the option to join a cooking class or go on a relaxing boat ride along the Li River.
In Longji Terraces hike through the magnificent Longji rice terraces that cling precariously to the side of steep mountains. Stay with locals in a hillside village and take day treks to visit other communities throughout the area to get a real taste of rural life.
Your last days are spent in Hong Kong and full of fast paced action. Take the funicular to Victoria Peak or enjoy a harbour cruise. Satisfy shopping urges at the Stanley Market or join the throngs on Nathan Road. Why not celebrate the end of this China jaunt with a tasty dim sum feast?

This amazing adventure is brought to you by Intrepid Travel. Visit their website for information on this and other trips. This adventure runs over the course of 20 days, and is priced at £1145. Happy travelling.

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