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Are you tough enough to take part in this momentous challenge?

The three week Banjul Challenge is the world’s first ever Banger Challenge, that has spawned many others. In December 2002, the first group of crazy people left the UK in a motley collection of vehicles, optimistically believing that they would be safe with little knowledge or experience of what they were doing. Despite finding out the exact opposite most of the forty-two teams made it to Banjul and back, and the challenge is now the longest running banger challenge anywhere. It leaves the UK annually on December 16th and January 6th.

Now what about the route? Well this adventure will take you through Morocco, Western Sahara, and Senegal before arriving in Banjul in the Gambia. The route travels mostly on tarmac, but the biggest highlight is the two day crossing of the Sahara Desert. The journey is about 3700 miles, and can be comfortably covered in three weeks if all go well. You could always complete the journey in two weeks, but it’s not a race. Or is it?

The challenge really starts in Southern Spain, where hotel accommodation is provided, by the team behind the trek. As you move on from Spain all that lies ahead is sand, sea and more sand. For the first time, probably in your lives you’ll experience the true heat of the desert.

Just one note, this challenge is only open to Left-Hand Drive vehicles, but as long as it’s left-handed, you can pretty much drive anything, (although there is a large advantage in obviously having a 4×4). Another note, one very important part of the trip is that fact that you must donate your car to the Control Committee in Gambia afterwards. This is so that funds can be raised and distributed to local worthy causes.

You also need to be aware that there are security concerns on some parts of the trip, including when you pass through Mauritania, which is advised against by all Foreign Offices. However no tourists were kidnapped in the whole of 2010 in this area, which bodes well. (Kind of.)

The fee for this is £375. Which really isn’t bad for all that going to happen on your trip now is it? But the ransom will be considerably more if your kidnapped! Look below for more information.

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