Backpacking in the Rockies

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Duration: 4 days
Price: 585 GBP



Hike through the alpine meadows and around the stunning mountain lakes of the Canadian mountains.

We think Canada’s Rocky Mountains are one of the most awe-inspiring sights in the world. Snow-capped peaks reaching up to 14,440 feet, meadows filled with beautiful wildflowers and rivers that slice through the land all make this an amazing place for a walking adventure.

We recommend the Skoki region as the best region for hiking and camping. Its lakes, grassy meadows, and amazing wildlife (moose, elk and bears all make this area their home) make it an amazing place to visit. The area extends 3000 miles between British Columbia down to New Mexico in the USA.

This is the perfect destination and adventure for anyone who wants a relatively easy escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With miles of empty land around you it is the perfect antidote to city living. We think the best points of interest in the area are the amazing Lake Ptarmigan, a stunning pool of blue in a mountain-framed basin, and Red Deer river and lakes which are surrounded by a sea of pines.

This area is an absolutely stunning example of the beauty of nature in all its glory and is a great location for anyone looking for an adventure.

For more information please continue onwards for the official Tourdust itinerary:

Day 1: Lake Louise to Hidden Lake. At 8.30am meet at the office in Canmore. You’ll go over the trip and check to see you’re properly outfitted. Once packed, you’ll drive for just under an hour, west to Lake Louise.

The hike starts at the Fish Creek parking lot and after four kilometres of ski area road you’ll hit the trail which you’ll follow for a further three kilometres up Corral Creek to the Halfway Hut – a historic log cabin used as a shelter for travellers en-route to Skoki Lodge in the old days. Just beyond is your first campsite. Hidden Lake, set in a spectacular bowl beneath the rocky ramparts of Mount Richardson, isn’t far away, so you can go for a walk once you’ve set up camp.

Day 2: Hidden Lake to Merlin Meadows Today is a classic day of backpacking in the Canadian Rockies as you continue up valley to Boulder Pass. Just beyond, Ptarmigan Lake stretches away to the east, surrounded by expansive alpine meadows and rocky peaks. You’ll walk along and above the lake to reach the trail that will lead you over Deception Pass and down into the Skoki Valley. Dropping quickly into the forested valley, you’ll cross a couple of meadows before coming to the historic Skoki Lodge – built in the 1920s by the Canadian Pacific Railroad. After stopping for a cup of tea it’s only another kilometer of downhill hiking until you get to the Merlin Meadows and your camp for the night.

From the campsite it’s only 2.6 kilometres of hiking across open meadows to Merlin Lake – another beautiful alpine lake in an unbeatable setting. You can either do this in the afternoon or save it for the next morning.

Day 3: Merlin Meadows to Baker Lake. One of the good features of this region is its complicated topography which allows for a couple of different options today. Your primary goal is the campsite at the outlet of Baker Lake – though if the weather turns bad you may opt for Red Deer Lakes further east. Either way, you’ll most likely continue down valley until the trail skirts around Skoki Mountain taking you into the huge open, meadow-filled headwaters of the Red Deer River. You hike past the Red Deer Lakes climbing slowly to Cotton Grass Pass and the head of Baker Creek. Again, you’ll spend most of your time out of the forest travelling across meadows surrounded by endless mountains.

Day 4: Baker Lake to Lake Louise. Baker Lake, with its meadow setting, is an amazing place. On this, your final day you’ll have time to explore the area, before heading back past Ptarmigan Lake and over Boulder Pass and down to Lake Louise to return to Canmore.

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