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Duration: Depends on how fast you swim!
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Follow in the footsteps of Lord Byron and swim across a great ocean.

Swimming the Hellespont is an adventure stretching back into Greek mythology. Made famous by Lord Byron who swam from Europe to Asia across the Dardenelles in a re-enactment of the love story from Greek myth in which Leander would swim across every night to be with his lover Hero. Byron was successful and a challenge was born.

An epic swim of endurance; the achievement here is not how fast you can do it, but doing it at all. We recommend travelling with Swim Trek who organise four-day tours including the swim. We imagine Byron, as a wistful poet, leapt in when the spirit took him but now the Dardanelles is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, a considerable danger for any groups of swimmers struggling across. Fortunately a group swim, with support boats, and a closure of the shipping lane, is organised by the local Rotary club.

The swim, a total of three miles once the detour to accommodate the current, was completed by Byron in one hour 10 minutes. Beat that time and you can boast that, despite not being a celebrated poet or lothario, you are faster than Byron in the water. SwimTrek offer great packages for all kinds of wild swimming including swimming the Bosphorus.

More information on SwimTrek:

SwimTrek was the world’s first open water swimming operator. Their passion is to share the joys and rewards that open water swimming can offer so many. Whether you are an experienced open water swimmer or looking at taking those first strokes in the outdoors, they have the right trip for you. It’s also a great way to see a new location or revisit an old one.

Our commitment to you:

Swimming – They are here to offer you a wonderful swimming experience and an unforgettable trip. On many of their trips you will be swimming in some of the best water in the world. Each tour has a selection of swims, some of which may challenge you and others which will undoubtedly enthral you.

Safety – There is simply no safer way for you to swim in open water. With their qualified and experienced guides and sufficient safety escort boats, they will look after you every stroke of the way and work with you on getting the most out of the trip.

Quality – They stay in good quality accommodation, details of all of which you can find on their website. They realise that at the end of your day, somewhere nice to relax after the adventures of the day is important.

Satisfaction – They rely heavily on word of mouth and repeat custom for our trips, consequently it is imperative that they give their clients the best experience possible. They believe that our over 6 years of operation and their extensive programme throughout the Northern hemisphere illustrate their success.

Financial security – They provide complete financial security for all clients and adhere to all government regulations concerning the safety of our clients’ money.

Feedback – At the end of every trip, they provide their clients with a questionnaire that they urge you to fill in. They rely very heavily on clients’ feedback to maintain and improve the quality of holidays.

Accuracy – They do their utmost to make sure that the information provided in brochures and on the website is accurate.

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